An on-demand service capable of meeting every production and performance need, thanks to constant research on innovative alloys and advanced heat treatment processes. The reverse engineering service allows for a thorough characterization of materials and improvement of their performance.


The patterns are realized starting from the specifications and drawing 2Dor 3D made by the technical department. The patterns are made with the best materials (high quality wood, aluminum, steelas necessary) and checked carefully before placing in production.


Engineers and technicians take care of sizing calculations, calculations of the cooling modules,feeds sizing calculations, and simulation study of the times.

Raw materials

The sands and resins used in production as well as iron-base alloys, which come from certified and qualified suppliers are carefully checked by the technicians of our laboratory.


After the control of sand and resins begins the process of Moulding. At the end of the moulding process in our 3 plants (automatic, semi-automatic and manual) that differ for different applications, the moulds are controlled by the managers of process control.


The induction furnaces are technologically advanced at the highest existing levels. They are a guarantee of quality and maximum flexibility, small to medium to large lots. The fusion is carefully controlled in timing, temperatures and chemical analysis with the support of the laboratory during the casting process.


Treatment furnaces are fully automated and equipped with real-time control of the temperature. In addition, all treatments are recorded and then at the terminal are fully traceable. Depending on the type of items and alloys that are realized, it goes to the finishing phase where the pieces are made machining or hardfacing, if required.


Monitoring and traceability systems allow for constant control of the path of materials and products, from the production phase to delivery to the customer.