An on-demand service capable of meeting every production and performance requirement, thanks to constant research on innovative alloys and advanced hardening processes. The reverse engineering service allows for a perfect characterization of materials and improvement of their performance.


Starting from specifications and 2D or 3D drawings, the model is created using the best materials (high-quality wood, aluminum, steel depending on the needs), meticulously checked before being put into production.


Engineers and technicians handle the sizing calculations of the brackets, the cooling modules, the sizing of the feeds, and the study and simulation of timings.

Raw materials

The raw materials derived from metal scrap, the sands and resins used in production, as well as the ferroalloys, which come from certified and qualified suppliers, are always meticulously checked in the laboratory.


This is followed by the inspection of the sands and resins. Once the molding has been carried out in the 3 plants (automatic, semi-automatic, and manual) which differ for various applications, the molds are inspected by the process control managers.


The induction melting furnaces are technologically advanced, ensuring quality and maximum flexibility, from small to medium to large batches. The melting process is carefully monitored in terms of timing, temperatures, and chemical analyses.


The treatment furnaces are fully automated and equipped with real-time temperature control. All treatments carried out are logged on the terminal and are therefore fully traceable. During the finishing phase, where required, mechanical processes or wear-resistant coatings are applied.


Monitoring and traceability systems allow for constant oversight of the journey of materials and products, from the production phase through to delivery to the customer.