From scrap to a new product created to last.

Since 1926, Fonderia Gelli has been processing special alloys particularly resistant to wear and heat, dedicated to the cement and mining sectors.


Study of process parameters

Design and implementation of complete linings, both for new grinding systems and for adapting to existing situations, by conducting on-site surveys and applying “ad hoc” solutions.


Design and alloy selection

Internal analysis laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to develop new alloys (specifically designed for the most critical applications) and to perform comprehensive quality controls on every type of component to be produced.


Supervising Installation

Supply of accessories to optimize the jobs, such as bolts and nuts, carpentry, rubber and cardboard, resins, with the option to have a team of installation supervisors available to provide qualified assistance.


Periodic Auditing

Programming periodic audits to verify performance and report any wear and tear.

Research and development

The foundry is able to make complete mill internals and wear resistant castings spare parts for crushers and various types of shredders, heat resistant steel spare parts for kilns and coolers, starting of course from constructive drawings, from direct surveys or from sample.

The Reverse-Engineering service allows a casting to be fully characterized both chemically and in terms of physical and mechanical properties. From there, the process moves on to design, production, and installation.

The in-house laboratory has been conducting research for years to optimize existing alloys and develop customized alloys for application in their products.

The laboratory is equipped with laboratory furnaces both for smelting and heat-treatment and with all necessary tools for the study of materials, such as:

  • machines for Brinell and Vickers Hardness Control, machines for Tensile tests and Impact tests
  • machines for Water-Jet Cutting and EDM
  • instrumentation for Chemical Analysis and Metallography.

Cement plants

Crusher spare parts, Heat resistant alloys, pneumatic and mesh conveyors, ball mills.



Spare parts for primary, secondary, and tertiary crushers in anti-wear alloys



Spare parts for crushers, ball mills, aerofall mills, and rod mills, a wide range of spare parts for conveyors.


Waste crushing

Crusher spare parts, heat-resistant steels, spare parts for ball mills, spare parts for conveyors.


Power plants

Crusher spare parts, heat-resistant steels, spare parts for ball mills, spare parts for conveyors.


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