Quality Environment


“Improve the products. Satisfy customers”

The Foundry Gelli has received the first certification of quality systemISO 9002:1994 in February 2001.
The next step, since the enlargement of the company and the consequent increases in product quality standards, it has gone theISO 9001:2000 in February 2004.

With regard to the environmental certification, Foundry Gelli hasreceived in August 2004, ISO 14001:1996.
Subsequently, in February 2008, the company has achieved ISO14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 in March 2010.


Our laboratories, which have the most advanced equipment, areused to perform complex controls to ensure the quality of castings:

  • Magnetoscopic Controls
  • Ultrasound Controls
  • Hardness Controls