The “Fonderia Carlo Gelli & F s.r.l.” was born in 1926 as a foundry that started selling in agricoltural, mechanical and mining markets. In the 50’s the company started to spot its production toward cement plant and mining ones.

Today the firm is able to produce every type of wear and heat-resistant components used in cement plants.

Throughout the years the business has expanded its know-how and the company now has an extremely reliable and efficient technical office.
The engineers of Fonderia Gelli are able to project everything in cement mill (drying chamber, first and second chamber, diaphragms, etc.).

Moreover the commercial office, that works in direct contact with technical office, guarantees an efficient and capillary customer service worldwide.
The Gelli establishment has an analysis laboratory with technologically and advanced equipments. The Lab adjusts new alloys for all critical conditions and effects complex quality controls on production.

The materials produced are: special wear alloys (chromium and manganese steel; Ni-hard cast iron), heat-resistant steel and all type of cast iron.
Furthermore the company is able to supply accessories to optimize the jobs, such as: bolts and nuts, carpentry, rubber and cardboard, resins, etc.
The customers may also require the aid of a supervisor team during installation operations.