Drag Chains – Pipes – Transportations

Fonderia Gelli produces a range of spare parts for applications in industrial bulk-material transportation.

Drag Chains

We have developed specialist knowledge that allows us to directly modify drawings and the alloys, to improve their performance. Looking at the most worn areas, we apply higher thickness, hard-facing, and higher performance alloys.

On request we can provide drag chains pre-assembled to facilitate installation.


Pipes for pneumatic transportation

Cement factories and other kind of industries need to transport several materials that wear down pipes (cement, coal, fly-ash, etc.), particularly the curves.
We produce curves realized in wear-resistant alloys with a greater thickness on the external part to extend the lifetime of the castings.
We also produce pipes for transportation of hot-gases in heat resistant alloys.


Elevator wheel

We produce wheels, composite chains and stars for several types of elevator. All are made in wear-alloys and if necessary we are able to provide local-quenching to increase the lifetime.